April 18, 2010


Yesterday during the very long baseball game (when boys hit 14 they go to 7 innings) with mist then rain and 45 degree temperatures, I swatched for this jumper for Miss America. She chose this aqua color in Araucania Nature Wool which I got on sale at Webs.

I got gauge right off the bat (pardon that pun) but then realized in order to make it fit I'd have to do some recalculating. Did that and am set to cast on only to find that the size 4 (24" circs) are currently in use. Grrrrrr! I can't keep buying needles to support my many projects.

So the project is on hold and I'm still in need of a mindless knitting project for today's game. Back to the drawing board!

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Jennifer said...

From one knitter (who buys new needles all the time) to another - I'm certain I have some Size 4s I could loan you. See how good I am at enabling fellow knitters?