April 28, 2010

A new Holiday

No pictures, no knitting...just a great/cute story.

My godsister has 3 kids - John (5), Robin (4) and Nick (2 and my godchild). John decided yesterday he wanted to come visit his Auntie Dodo - that's me (long story short...kids can't say Estella and more often than not it comes out as Dodo). Robin and Nick chimed in they wanted to visit too and a call was made. So we agreed that today they'd come over after school.

This morning John woke up and stood a the top of the stairs and announced very loudly to his sleeping family "Today is Dodo Day!" So, in honor of Dodo Day (a new family holiday), I'm not enjoying my knitting time but instead baking chocolate chip cookies so we can celebrate the day in style!

Hope you all have a wonderful Dodo Day!


Sara said...

How sweet! I hope you had a wonderful Dodo day!

Tutu said...

Dodo Day! It has a wonderful alliteration and connotation. Let's do it more often.