April 29, 2010

A lovely surprise

Yesterday when my godsister Anna arrived for "Dodo Day" (I made chocolate chip cookies to honor the day), she had a bag with her - a wonderful bag with lots of pockets. This bag came from my other godmother, ML (aka my Fairy Godmother). I know all these "God" prefixes are confusing but bear with me.

In the bag, was this lovely array of yarn - a medley of colors that all work together. Apparently, she was cleaning out her closets and found this. She forgot what she was going to make with it but it must have involved lots of colorwork as there was a bag with stitch markers, bobbins, needles, DPNs and a stitch counter. This was a wonderful surprise for "Dodo Day" and lots of fun to start thinking what I can make with these skeins. Thank you ML!

My Mountain View Cardigan is trudging along - I'm doing the armholes and neck decreases all at once - this requires lots of paying attention and 3 skeins of yarn which love to get tangled up. I'm almost done with the body then on to the sleeves.


Jennifer said...

Ooh - I love Dodo Day. That's a great looking bag. You'll be certain to come up with something wonderful with all that yarn.

tinylovely said...

cool you are lucky what a lovely gift. I'm knitting the mountain view card too, I have only just started. It's such a gorgeous cardi I can't wait to finish it.