June 10, 2009

Lucky Me!

After a lovely morning knitting with Jennifer and her wonderful knitting friends Joan and Lynn Wilson (check out her gorgeous designs...she was knitting this stunning scarf), I figured I had had a perfect day.

Well, as I drove down the driveway, I saw a box on my front porch. When I saw Lynne's return address, I squealed in delight as Lynne had a contest a while back and I won materials to make a Cape May Bag.

Not only did I receive the prettiest squares and fabric for the liner and cotton for the handles, but I also received a bunch of wonderful goodies. This is how the box looked - it had sock yarn, Plain & Thimble hand and body cream, scented candles, and a notepad which I took a closeup of - it has a tag that says "Find Joy in the Little Things" and on the inside it says "Blessings". Little does Lynne know but one thing I try to do is take joy in little things every day - yesterday I delighted my children when I stopped the car to let a mother turkey and her 3 chicks cross the road - little things.

I can go to bed right now...my day won't get any better after all this. Thank you, Lynne, for all the lovely gifts. I think I actually won't go to bed...I'm firing up the sewing machine!


Jennifer said...

Yeah! Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! It was great to see you.

Beth said...

What a great package!