June 16, 2009

A Quick FO

When my friend Jane lamented that her new wood floors might make it so she needs slippers more often, I told her I'd make her some felted clogs. I did warn her I'd use what I had in stash so they could be a little "wild".

I checked out my stash and actually had a nice color combination - the top is Cascade 220 Heathers and the sole is using Ella Rae Classic. I didn't have enough of the dark blue Ella Rae so I took a skein of dark and skein of light blue and held them together - it gives a rather marled effect which is perfect for the soles.

Jane's foot is size 7 - the Fiber Trends Pattern is written for size 6 and size 8. I made the size 6 and put them on my size 8 foot - it was snug on me so I'm hoping perfect on her.

Now to get them to dry is another story - it has rained so much here it is humid. I'm keep them on top of the dryer while I do laundry - at least that might help speed the process.

I hope she likes them!


Jennifer said...

Those are great. I have the pattern for them but haven't made them. Yet another thing for the queue. I love the color combo and the two-toned blue sole. Quite clever. I bet she'll love 'em.

Beth said...

She'll love them! It's so nice of you to make slippers for her.

Julie said...

Of course she'll love them! I love the color combination.

shortly24 said...

Oh, I like those. I've been hankering after slippers myself too lately, and what a great stash busting project :) I'm sure she will love them.

a friend to knit with said...

so glad they fit your friend, jane!
they will be worn A LOT, i am sure!