June 9, 2009

Simple Pleasures

You've got to love when your teen/pre-teen kids ask "Can we have family game night?"...last night the question was asked and the games began.

I grew up playing board games - remember "Head of the Class" - one of my favorites. In my 20's it was Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary. As a mom, we started with Candyland and Chutes and Ladders and graduated to Trouble, Uno, Uno Attack, Scrabble, Monopoly and Life (which was much simpler 20 years ago and I usually need a glass of wine to play the newer version).

My DH did not grow up playing board games so his patience with them is a little thinner than mine. If we have a new game, I've learned it's better the kids and I learn it first and then teach it to him.

The other day when I was visiting Major Knitter (aka Jennifer), her son had cleaned out their game collection which is truly amazing. She shared a duplicate copy of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader"...a game we never played before. We pulled it out last night and I must admit the directions were not the clearest - so we made up our own version of the game so as not to lose my DH's attention.

After a quick adapted version, we went to the old standby of Trouble. Our Trouble board is so well used that the dome is hard to see through - it is scratched and tired. However, it is hard to replace the board which we've loved for so long.

What are your favorite games?


Lorette said...

Oh, no question. Dominoes, specifically Mexican Train. Our whole extended family loves it, and we've introduced a variety of neighbor friends as well. In our family it was more card games when we were kids. E.g. Hearts, Pinochle, Hand and Foot. There was never a family event while I was growing up where the cards didn't eventually come out.

Beth said...

We enjoy lots of games here, too. We played the 5th grader game last month at my in-laws' house. I didn't enjoy it. Maybe we played it wrong.