February 9, 2010

746 or 746.432

As you know, I love my library. Whenever I have a few minutes extra I go to the new books section and browse through the 746 section...or more precisely 746.432 area. Those are the fiber and knitting books.

This week there were 4 new books I had not seen - dating as November and December arrivals to the library. So, I took them out. Today Jennifer came over to knit and we had such fun discussing the books, the patterns, etc.

First, was Men's Knits by Erika Knight. It has 20 "new classics" which are beautifully photographed. She wisely puts the sweater on 2-3 models which shows each sweater's versatility and agelessness (if that is a word). Unfortunately, neither my DH nor #1 Son want hand knit items but I can still look.

Vogue Knitting's Shawls and Wraps has a large collection of openwork/lacy patterns. There are one or two which I would consider making...there are several that did not appeal to me at all.

Now this book, 99 Yarns and Counting, did not look promising at all. I must say from a design standpoint the cover does not do it justice. Within the covers, however, are a great collection of patterns. Lots of cute baby sweaters, wonderful hats and a great vest I'm going to see if Miss America would like me to make.

This book was in the 746 section (no .432 behind it). It focuses on projects inspired by different fiber festivals. I must admit it was a bit disappointing patternwise but if you are into fiber festivals it will be right up your alley.

I saw this somewhere on someone's blog and had to save a copy of the picture.
Snow is in the forecast...I'm hoping for lots of knitting tomorrow and perhaps I will take this motto to heart and start my Coraline.


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your reviews. I haven't seen any of those books yet.

Jennifer said...

I'll refrain from repeating my snide little remarks about many of the patterns again. (What were they thinking??)

Have fun today. We have one 6th grader sleeping over. I'm trying to get some work done first, then I plan to knit, knit, cook, bake, knit, knit.

Can't wait to see Coraline.

Krista said...

Great book ideas! I haven't purchased a new knitting books in years I think.