February 22, 2010

Okay, I Confess

I confess that the urge to cast on for Coraline was too strong. I waited a whole week while knitting my ruffle for the FOFI Olympics until I succumbed.

What really made me cast on was a 2 hour car ride and I'm at the point of my Inca Marl Coat (the ruffle coat) where it needed to be seamed. I don't seam in the car.

So I took Coraline with me and cast on. It has 226 stitches of provisional cast-on which was not much fun but now I'm trucking along.

I did seam my jacket shoulder and side seams while watching (not really watching but listening) to the USA/Canada Ice Hockey game. So, I was working on my FOFI Olympic project while watching the Olympics and Coraline was car work! (Can you hear my justifications growing by the minute???)

I needed to seam this to see if the ruffle is going to make it around it. I only have one more skein and I'm getting very nervous that it won't make it. I'll just have to knit it out, block it and hope that I can ease the fullness...I have gone on Ravelry and found a few people with the same yarn/dye lot and have contacted one person who has a single skein.

Next up - in today's mail there were 6 skeins of Aurancia Nature Wool which was on a great sale on Webs. The color is called purple but it really is more of a dusty plum. I have 1450 yards which will let me shop around for a sweater. Once I've started my homework, I'll show you my options.


Jennifer said...

Do you want me to enable you or scare you straight?

; )

Beth said...

Aack! I wasn't casting on new projects because you weren't. What am I going to do now?! :)

Seriously though, I can totally accept your justification. Seaming in the car doesn't sound like much fun and sometimes total concentration is needed.

Great new yarn, too!