February 5, 2010

Finishing Friday

Once again the Ravelry Finish or Frog It group spurred me on to get something done. I cranked out the lace edges of my Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur. I used Knit Picks Stroll and I love how the variegated yarn (which I'm not a huge fan of overall) worked so nicely with a solid color worked with it.

This was a fun knit...I learned though that lace weight yarn makes for a long time knitting a scarf. I started this back in December and knit on it every time we got in the car or I needed mindless knitting.

Okay, back to my Farmer's Market Cardigan.


Jennifer said...

So beautiful. I really love the color combination and the pattern. What a winning combination.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Beth said...

I agree with Jennifer - the color combination is great!

amanda said...

Yay! We have nearly matching Ulmus (Ulmii??)!