February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I don't usually post these but after reading Carole and Beth's posts, I decided to share my 10 Favorite Places to Knit. I don't know if I'll hit 10 but I'll give it my best shot.

1. In our den on the sofa or even sitting on the floor - last year we finally got an HDTV and there's no going back when it comes to viewing anything. I like to watch movies, sports, whatever while I knit away. Like Beth our dog likes to snuggle tight while I'm on the sofa and I often have her hairs knit into my projects.

2. In the car - I love when my DH is drives and I can just knit and knit and knit. One time we were going up to see a friend in Massachussetts and I didn't have all of the pattern I needed and I couldn't knit on the project I brought with me. For 4 hours I sat grumpily not enjoying the trip at all because I couldn't knit. First thing I did when I got to her house was print out the graph I needed.

3. Baseball games - our son plays baseball and I'm always knitting during them. He used to pitch and I learned to put my knitting down during that because I'd be so stressed and my knitting would get off gauge. I make sure it is mindless knitting.

4. Jennifer's house - I love knitting at Jennifer's house. We have coffee, we talk, we laugh, her dog Wilma gets all excited that I'm there. It is a wonderful, inviting place to knit and I always enjoy knitting with her and quite often several of her other knitting friends. It is always the best to get the creative energy together of a bunch of knitters.

5. Movie theaters - I usually bring my knitting for the period while your waiting for the previews. We tend to go to the first show of a movie (discounted tickets are the draw) and we get there early to get good seats. The conversation with the kids is the best during this down time and I will knit right up until the previews. I have knit during movies in the past but I prefer to become totally absorbed in the movie with no distractions.

6. School events/concerts - usually our kids have to be at the concert 1/2 hour before it starts so I just grab a seat and knit until it does start. Sometimes they leave the house lights on and I continue to knit.

7. While substitute teaching - I know this sounds awful but when you sub in older grades you aren't there to teach (unless the teacher knows you can do some stuff). I often am there to make sure they behave while they read a packet and answer questions. I can knit and watch them and make sure all is well. Some kids know I knit and are interested in what I'm making or what I'm wearing that I've made.

8. At the beach - if the kids are out of the water and it isn't too hot then I will knit on the beach.

9. At our summer house - this is where we have my summer S&B and I love knitting with my friend Kimberly. It usually is a lively discussion with a group of women that only see each other for 2-3 months during the summer.

10. On a plane or in an airport or on a train...all these are good knitting places. You can people watch with impunity too.

Wow, I hit 10! Hope I didn't bore you. Will show you ruffle pictures tomorrow...I wound my last 4 skeins needed to finish it.


Beth said...

Great list! That must have been torture to not have your knitting pattern in the car. I probably would have asked my husband to find an exit with a Michaels to buy needles and yarn to knit a dishcloth or something. :)

Estella said...

Oh, I was tempted to call my sister in California and ask her to read me the pattern but the time difference would have made me wake her up. I then thought of calling a non-knitting sister in Florida and asking her to read me the pattern and I knew that would not fly.

Jennifer said...

Yeah! Knitting with you would make my top-10 list, too.

Eryka Jackson said...

I must confess this is causing me to do a list of my own!