February 4, 2010

Coraline it is!

My Classic Elite One Fifty arrived - I absolutely love the color (Blue Aster not the Tide Pool I originally wanted but was out of stock) which is pretty true in this photo - soft blue with the faintest hint of purple undertones.

Thank you for all your input on which cardigan this yarn should be turned into - Coraline is the clear favorite and will be my next project on needles! Joyce was very kind and went through a lot of what I had made and gave a very thoughtful vote for Coraline - thank you Joyce!

However, I'm still working on my Farmer's Market Cardigan. Here is the beginning of the pocket edge which works up to the shawl collar. Leslie has already finished hers but she remarked how she should have thought twice about this sweater when the directions for finishing it are almost a whole page long! This requires 100% of my attention and that is hard to get some days. Hopefully, today I can give it some time.

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Beth said...

Yea for Coraline! This is going to be a beautiful project.