February 12, 2010

It's Official

The Finish or Frog It Olympics are on! We even have our own button thanks to Jennifer. For typing sake we'll call them the FOFI Olympics.

Beth has joined the mission as well and you can too by going to the Ravelry FOFI group and find our sub-group for the Olympics.

Check out your UFO that has been haunting you - something you have never had the guts to finish. This is your call to arms (or sleeves) to finish this during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Last night I started on my endless ruffle - after 2 hours I had about 2 inches. The Olympics will be my true test...what is yours?


Jennifer said...

Yeah! I'm going to pick up my Faery Ring Jacket... and Lorette said she will, too. Yeah! Go FOFI Olympics.

Beth said...

I wish you luck on that ruffle! I'm not sure I could do it but I have faith in you! :)