February 15, 2010

Farmer's Market Cardigan

Here it is - all done! My Farmer's Market Cardigan. Excuse the poor photos as I was using the self timer, I'm realizing I shouldn't take photos with my hair all wet and that the turtleneck I'm wearing has lost it's oomph in the neck. All that being said, I LOVE this sweater.

It is still a bit wet so I can't wear it today but trust me tomorrow I'll be sporting it.

The pockets were a challenge getting the shawl collar to transition from pocket to neck. Lots of mattress stitch seaming which is tedious.

I did a 3 needle bindoff at the neck - I'll admit I did it backwards and after going through my repetoire of 4 letter words I ripped it out and did it right. My DH was worried he'd have to call in the reinforcements and the whole family wisely stayed away from me until I had calmed down and fixed it.
Now back to my ruffle for my Inca Marl Coat - I've done about 18 inches of it watching the Olympics.


Beth said...

It's wonderful!!! Wow, it really looks so impressive. And I'm also impressed that you have knit 18 inches of ruffle already!

Patt said...

That is just gorgeous! You always have such professional looking projects!

Jennifer said...

You should have called. The Reinforcements would have been happy to show up and offer support! It looks fantastic!

a friend to knit with said...

i have been meaning to pay you a visit... i can't tell you how many times you have crossed my mind! LOVE your farmers market!!! i wish i made it in grey. LOVE yours!!!!

B said...

Love this sweater! It looks great on you.