February 6, 2010

What To Do?

There it was in the mail...the annual renewal form for my Interweave Knits. Last year I promptly sent in my renewal and then the next issue arrived and I questioned my decision.

Last April, I questioned myself again and even blogged about it. A few of you agreed and mentioned you had let your subscriptions lapse and you check the issue out at the bookstore before buying it.

I do love to get a magazine in the mail, I love browsing through it, checking out some of the products reviewed and advertisers websites...however I hate paying money for just one or two good patterns per issue.

What to do? Lapse my subscription? Why pay for the subscription when a few months later the pattern is for sale anyway? I think online might just ruin the publishing business sometimes.


Sara said...

Magazines are the bane of my existence. Like you, I want a hard copy mag I can flip through. But it seems the minute I subscribe, the magazine goes to crap and I never like another pattern again. So I let my sub lapse and then every time I go to a bookstore and flip through the latest issue the magazine is fabulous!

Beth said...

I recently let my subscription lapse and haven't missed it. I haven't even gone to the store to check out the latest issue. There are so many great patterns online that I want to knit and the magazine hasn't been as appealing to me lately.

You've said that your library is really great. Maybe you could request that they subscribe to it and you can read it there!