January 12, 2010

Getting Organized Online

Today I was subbing in 6th Grade LA and the kids were working on a project quietly and independently. I was there to maintain the peace. Usually, I knit and read or knit and watch them but today I decided to organize myself online.

It was bothering me that my Ravelry "Favorites" were not all tagged. Some were and most were not. Those that were "tagged" were done so without thought or order. So I went through my list of 500+ favorites and tagged them all. I made sure to include tags for type of project, weight of the yarn called for, free or not and it it wasn't free how much or what issue magazine, sleeve length, etc.

I also took the opportunity to weed out some things that I have NO idea why I chose to save them. Now I only have 366 favorites AND all the projects are tagged.

I know I owe you some knitting pictures...tomorrow WIP Wednesday. Don't hold your breath for great excitement as I haven't been working on a lot BUT my arm is feeling 100% better.


Beth said...

I didn't even realize favorites could be tagged. So it wasn't bothering me that I'm disorganized. :) But I can certainly see how tagging them would make them much more usable!

Linda said...

Isn't it a good feeling to be organized? I love that feeling.

Anonymous said...

I really need to go through my gazillion favorites and tag them, too. It's such a daunting task though.
I'm glad you're arm is better!