January 24, 2010

Ravelry Rave

On Friday I was finally seaming the pockets to my Farmer's Market Cardigan. The directions very clearly tell you to do one of the seams using a mattress stitch and then for the other seam they say "Sew longer seam..." with no indication of how to do it. Wanting to do it right, I went to Ravelry.

First I searched the two Interweave Knits groups by typing in "Farmer's Market Cardigan"...nothing. Then I looked at other people's FMCs to see if they had any notes...nothing.

Not willing to give up I had a lightbulb moment...send a message to the designer, Connie Chang Chinchio. So at 11:18 am I sent her a message...at 11:45 I had my answer from Connie herself suggesting I use mattress stitch. We had two more quick notes including her saying she can't wait to see my FO.

Now, I ask you...what would I have done without Ravelry to help me with this problem? I LOVE RAVELRY!

P.S. Thank you for all your concern and good wishes for Missy. She's back to her usual self and wanting to go on long walks. She still gets mushy food for a few more days though.

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