January 3, 2010

Scary Button

I was scrolling down my blog page and noticed my Knitmeter button said something SCARY! It's a new year and it is reset. I know I hit over 20,000 yards for 2009 which is a lot.
I have knit so far this year - good knitting time in the car yesterday but that pain in my left arm is worse. I'm taking a few days off, tending to my knitting wounds and have decided to clean up my stash, my knitting space, etc.
For now...the meter will continue to be scary.


Sara said...

It makes me sad that it automatically resets. I wish you could save last year's and just start a new one. Take care!

Jennifer said...

That is a cool/scary button. I wonder if it will tally up the number of miles you've knit at the end of the year. That might be equally scary.

Good luck! Happy knitting.

Beth said...

I hope your pain lessens soon!

I've been cleaning my sewing room, too and yesterday moved all the yarn into the room from the closet. Then I put all the fabric into the closet. So now I can see just how much yarn I have and I'm embarrassed! I have a lot of knitting to do to whittle down the stash! And I found 12 felted bags that need to be lined/finished up. :( Hopefully you won't find anything scary like that!

Anonymous said...

I hope the pain subsides quickly. Cleaning up the stash is a good way to spend a knitting break; that way you still get to enjoy your yarn :-)