January 30, 2010

Little Ruffles for a Little Girl - Also, Still Need Your Advice!

When my sister asked for a scarf and mentioned her daughter loves to wear an old scarf I made a while back, I decided Abby needed her own scarf. I found this Nashua Paradise on sale and thought the color would be perfect for Abby's big blue eyes.
Then after searching Ravelry, I found this pattern which has a wonderful little ruffle on the bottom - little ruffles for a little girl. I packed it up and sent it off the other day - hopefully she'll get it in today's mail. I do love when someone asks for something handknit and love even more to surprise someone with a gift made just for them with love.
Now, I still need your advice on whether I make Coraline or the Drops Tailored Cardigan as discussed in my last post. As it stands right now, 3 votes for Coraline and 2 votes for the Drops Tailored Cardigan. The yarn hasn't arrived yet (they ran out of the Tide Pool color so I picked a color called Blue Aster). I'm leaning towards Coraline as Kimberly's vote has extra weight because she knows me and what looks good on me and how I knit.
Have a great weekend - it is FREEZING here so I'm expecting a bit of knitting will be happening.

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Joyce said...

OK, here is my vote – Coraline. Looking through some of your old posts and pictures, you already have a few deep V neck cardigans, and you come across to have a very feminine side about you. The Coraline has a retro design, feminine but not girly, just thought it is more “you”, and it would be different from all those deep V cardigans. An added bonus? You could use some of your lovely buttons as a feature.