January 19, 2010

Good Morning Baltimore!

This weekend we drove down to Baltimore to visit with some dear friends who we usually only see during the summer at the Jersey Shore. Miss America loves the movie "Hairspray" and every now and then she'd break into the song "Good Morning Baltimore" much to DH and my delight but #1 son would groan each time.

While the boys were playing squash, the girls went window shopping. I noticed a yarn store called Lovely Yarns while walking through the Hamden section of Baltimore. We went inside and I browsed but didn't buy. As we walked out, I saw this FANTASTIC knitted tree cover...it was lavenders, whites and soft greens with all sorts of textures. It bore the words "Hug Me!". Much to my delight I noticed quite a few people hugging the tree.

We also went to the National Aquarium - perfect activity on a dreary rainy Sunday. The dolphin show was much too short for my liking - I would have sat for an hour of dolphins. I decided what makes them so lovable is they always look like they are smiling.

On our way out of town, we stopped at the restaurant where our friend works...Atwaters. If ever in the area the soups are made from scratch and the bread is delicious!
No knitting to show but I have progressed on my Ulmus and Shifting Sands scarves.


Beth said...

What a fun weekend!

bmom said...

Dolphins do always look like they're smiling!

Jennifer said...

Sounds fantastic. One question - did you hug the tree?