January 25, 2010

Help for Haiti

I'm amazed at how the knitting community can find ways to help others in so many ways. I had read about the Ravelry Help for Haiti designer effort where many designers are donating proceeds of their sales to Doctors Without Borders, etc.

So I did some virtual shopping and started with Ysolda Teague's patterns. I've always wanted Whimsical Little Knits 2 and purchased it right away (80% of her sales are going to charity).

I've wanted to make this from the moment I saw it.

Miss America would love these mittens.

This is just lovely.

I also have always wanted to make Coraline so I added that to my shopping basket.

I then branched out and found Connie Chang Chinchio was doing the same with her sales...so I purchased the pattern for her Mountain View Cardigan.

And her Cayuga Mitts.

My last purchase was for the Laura Chau's Monday Morning Cardigan. I've had this in my queue for ages and it was actually on her blog, Cosmicpluto, that I learned about these generous acts.

Now for the next step in Help for Haiti. I read on Leslie's blog about this Etsy shop. I'm going through my FOs and donating some to this great idea. Isn't it wonderful how little acts can make a big difference? Quick addendum...they aren't taking donations right now for 2 more weeks but you can always shop on the site. They've raised $20,000 for Doctors without Borders!


Jennifer said...

Great projects all of them... and for a good cause. I love it when you can justify shopping that way. ; )

Beth said...

Nice patterns! I've purchased a couple, too: a pair of mitts and a vest. Can't wait to cast on! :)