January 8, 2010

Sometimes I Amaze Myself

After my last post I went looking to see if I saved the other "Toothcase" pouches from our kids visit to the dentist. I DO amaze myself...of course I saved them and they are now waiting to be filled with various notions. I listened to a great KnitPicks Podcast about what notions you need and that was what made me think of having these grab and go pouches ready for next time I start a project.

I've also been working on my Farmer's Market Cardigan - this is the pretend side seam from the inside and the turned up back hem.

Here is the whole body of the sweater with the pockets awaiting seaming...lots of mattress stitch in my future.

The sleeves are done and now I have to make the band that works from the pocket up and around the neck. I do want to get this done while the cold persists as it should be very warm.


Sara said...

What is a pretend seam? Is it sewn? That is the most perfect seam I've ever seen and quite frankly I'm jealous and pouty.lol

Beth said...

Are you feeling better? I'm glad you've been able to knit!

a friend to knit with said...

okay... i have been thinking about your farmers mkt jacket... and wondering how far you were.....
i can't wait to see it!
i started mine...loving the mindless part so far.
i love your color.... something that would get A TON of use in my life.